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can anyone tell me in which version SumatryPdf license was changed from GPLv2 to GPLv3?

I downloaded older versions of the software to check which is the latest version that uses the GPLv2 license, but the license link in the about menu is not working.

Thanks for your help.
Georg on November 9, 2016

most likely prior to
version 0.9 (2008-08-10)

it would be when MuPDF (GPLv3) was used as a replacement for poppler engine. Krzysztof should be able to specify the exact point in time but its now simply academic unless you have reason to think that license is no longer applicable.
Kieran on November 10, 2016
Thanks for answering my question.
A client of me is using only GPLv2 software, so I wanted to find out if there is a Version that works for me and is licensed under GPLv2.

Georg on November 14, 2016

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