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Does anything work in this program?

I'm trying to zoom the text. + and - has no effect.
I'm tryin to change the background color. Advanced settings changes in the txt file has no effect. Yes, I checked to make sure the setting was saved.

Is there a trick to this program? Do they realize this is happening I wonder? Using version 3.1.2.
A little disappointed on November 10, 2016
zoom + - should work in a standard "fixed" PDF User Interface (UI) the same as the icons in the top menu bar

if the document is not a pdf (ebook comic CHM etc)
there are default over-rides such as

EbookUI [
FontName = Arial
FontSize = 12
TextColor = #904b32
BackgroundColor = #fbf0d9
UseFixedPageUI = false
ComicBookUI [
WindowMargin = 0 0 0 0
PageSpacing = 4 4
CbxMangaMode = false
ChmUI [
UseFixedPageUI = false

for the type of file you are looking at you can set
UseFixedPageUI = true
and it will behave similar to the PDF viewer

there are several "background" settings
such as
the start-up index background
the greyspace around the document when open
the document page body itself
and there is -inverse (external CLI function call)

the Main one for the body (black on white) is
FixedPageUI [
TextColor = #000000
BackgroundColor = #ffffff

the one for the area around the body is, for example

GradientColors = #ff0000 #ffffff #0000ff

this will give the topical Red White and Blue from first to last page, since the request around that time was to have a basic partizan tricolour edging around the document, helpful if your a Luxembourg-er :-)
Kieran on November 10, 2016

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