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I want to specify to print in colour. But I can't find a complete list of print-settings that I can use anywhere. Is there anyway to specify colour?
nsumner on November 14, 2016
at its simplest SumatraPDF passes the rendered colour or mono image to the print driver as "coloured"

It is the print driver that would thus change it to mono sepia etc. prior to printing

the system settings for one clients default printer are eco (mono) and that would likely affect SumatraPDF output to their other printers but I have not tested since I simply choose a coloured print driver if needed
Kieran on November 15, 2016
When I print from SumtraPDF, I get the Windows print screen. That tells me that whether you print color, greyscale, or B&W depends on what you've set as a print preference. I don't think that has anything to do with SumtraPDF.

Other than small PDFs, I don't recommend using SumtraPDF for printing. It has a nasty habit of creating huge spool files if you're printing scanned images or image heavy documents.
sunk818 on November 15, 2016
The current version of sumatra prints everything as a color image that's why it uses a huge spool file, if you're printing a bigger file use Acrobat (I do belive Foxit prints as image's too)
as most people said the printer output is configured with the printer driver including weather or not to show the print options, so check your printers manual
*-* on November 16, 2016

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