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how to highlight in sumatra pdf like adobe reader

I've been gratefully using SumatraPDF for the last years because of its amazing lightness. There is one thing though, which keeps it necessary to still have adobe reader installed on my computer, which is the inability to highlight text with sumatraPDF. It's a small but important (for me, and other university students) feature. I hope the developers would consider adding this.
deep on November 21, 2016
i think sumatra cant compete with adobe reader in this feature.
thatswhy its downloads are less than adobe.
LOoking forward for its further improvement.
gp on November 21, 2016
download the prerelease version (portable will work)
select some text and hit the 'h' key
to save the highlight do a file->save as

sumatra can save the highlight in a paralel text file and avoid altering the pdf see
in the advanced settings file
*-* on November 22, 2016
I use the free PDF-XChange for highlighting. It has many great features. My favorite is its ability to search all PDF's in a folder at one go (and subfolders if desired).
Alan Macdonald on December 4, 2016

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