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Custom PDF printer


I have a project where the client wishes for PDF printer with some additional functionality - i.e. adding watermark for all printed documents.

I would like to use Sumatra PDF open source as the base of this project and along with it contribute to Sumatra where necessary.

The first question actually is that, is this okei considering your license?
All code changes that I would make, that would be in the area of original Sumatra code, I would contribute as pull requests. All specific implementation for the project I must keep undisclosed.

Taken that my approach is acceptable, can anyone point me in the direction of where is the printer part of the code in the repository (I have already located and pulled the git repo to my local machine). Any additional leads to modifiying the printing process would be much apprechiated aswell!
Rait Liiv on November 23, 2016
any code based on gpl must be gpl this is not lgpl so there can not be any undisclosed code!
but seeing how sumatra is a reader not a virtualprinter there is nothing you can use from here
moar info here
*-* on November 23, 2016
It seems many of the PDF printers are based on GhostScript and ps2pdf. I think there are already tools pre-made command line and GUI that will do what you want.
sunk818 on November 28, 2016

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