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what is the small black rectangular on the right-top user Screen

Very appreciate for your answers.

ChineseSuperMan on November 25, 2016
There are several "screens"
there is the "frequently read" screen when no file is open.

when files are open and in use there is one with or without tabs menubar etc

also there is the "about" screen

not sure which one you refer to as user screen, however all mine have the close button at top right (NO black rectangle)

the only time I have seen a rectangle that is black is if I am dragging the width of the page and there is a delay whilst the tool bar is redrawn

thus I suspect some setting on your hardware is restricting the toolbar width

can you load a file to a safe (NO adverts) web site and post a link so we can see what you see
Kieran on November 26, 2016

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