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Several document asynchronous print

We would like to print two documents with the same directprint.bat parameters but to different printer trays.

Here is our BAT file. Is it possible to print and if yes, who whould the BAT file looks like?

@echo off
cd "C:\Program Files (x86)\SumatraPDF"
SumatraPDF.exe 1.pdf -print-to PMFOEMVU02_ESR -silent -exit-when-done
SumatraPDF.exe 2.pdf -print-to PMFOEMVU02 -silent -exit-when-done
Hanspeter Hug on November 25, 2016

your batch file "should" work as it is

run it to test without the silent or exit paramiters then let us help with resultant teething issues

you could replace the 1.pdf and 2.pdf with a modified variable to let you drag and drop 1st file then bat file will send both files seperatly to each printer but beware filenames with spaces while testing
Kieran on November 26, 2016

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