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Ho to get Sumatra pdf reader to open on previously opened page?

I would like Sumatra viewer to open on the previously opened page after a new compilation. When I make a change in LaTeX code and compile pdf document anew under TeXnicCenter using LaTeX => PDF option, Sumatra for an instant displays the same page with the revision but then it jumps back to the first page of the pdf document.

This is annoying because then I must find the previously displayed page.

However, sometimes it stays to the previously opened page.

So, is there a setting either in TeXnicCenter or in Sumatra that would make displaying previously displayed page a permanent feature?
Rafal Ablamowicz on December 1, 2016
afik this is enabled if document history is on
in settings -> options check
Remember opened files and
Remember these settings for each document
ia on December 9, 2016

I suspect not, what is happening is that Sumatra initially attempts to remember your position, but then "notices" that due to your edits it is now showing a different pdf file

I.E. it sees it as one it has NOT opened before and thus resets your "previous" position [correctly in this case] to the start.

You could call this a bug in the editor since it allowed the changes and should thus inform SummatraPDF to reopen the file at the new location, which if edits were significant could be a totally different +- page number / position.
Kieran on December 10, 2016

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