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Small, fast, free PDF, EPUB, MOBI, CHM, DJVU, CBR, CBZ reader for Windows

Sumatra no longer my recommendation

first I want to thank Krzysztof Kowalczyk for this really nice piece of software!

I used it as a lean and supposedly safe PDF reader and recommended it to all my friends.

But not even seeing even a comment on the OpenJPEG vulnerability for two months makes it unusable for documents loaded from the internet.

Therefore it is no longer my recommendation for a secure PDF reader. What a pity...
Oliver on December 1, 2016
Which other PDF viewer should be used then?
If you check this page:

There arenĀ“t so many open source and free viewers available for Windows.
Jazz on December 5, 2016
neither does it need to be free nor open source.

Besides this, it depends on your needs. Dou you need an iFilter for Windows Search? If not, there is a lot of choices.

At the moment, PDF XChange Reader and Nitro Reader look promising.

Foxit was good initially but became unsafe and bloated years ago.
Oliver on December 6, 2016
A minimal temporary alternative for untrusted pdf files is MuPDF, It is used by SumatraPDF under the hood but the version from mupdf homepage has fixed the vulnerabilities.
eri on December 6, 2016
muPDF is fine as a viewer-only. No printing out of the box (or much of anything else). It is so bare-bones as to be functionally dead (unbless really, all you want to do is look at the PDF).
D. Westoby on December 7, 2016
PDF Exchange Viewer is deprecated. They (Tacker) now want you to use (meaning, buy) PDF Exchange Editor.
D. Westoby on December 7, 2016
A free, very solid reader you might consider is Evince, which I use under Linux all the time. Free, open source, fast, with no ads or any other silliness. There is a Windows build, but I have trouble getting it to print to my network printer (prints to my locally attached printer just fine).

Might be worth a look.
D. Westoby on December 7, 2016
Are the fixes included in the latest pre-release?
Jazz on December 9, 2016
You do realize sumatra is open sourced you can pull the code and integrate the openjpeg patch
if unsure you can run chrome's (Foxit SDK) pdf reader I think they use openjpeg so beware
or Firefox's pdf.js
ia on December 9, 2016

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