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Print: Missing "Print current view"

I want to print a specific region of a page.

I cannot highlite a rectangle part of a grapic
So I would either zoom in and print onlx current view, or I want to select a rectangle and print only the selection.

(sorry I'm not english)
mgr on December 12, 2016

SummatraPDF has been developed mainly as a "viewer"

The very wide variety of printers and their drivers, forces apps with a small team of developers to rely on a basic system for passing information to the print drivers in the hope that the driver has enough options to suit the majority of users.

In some case it is possible for a single image to be selected, and manipulated, however to achieve what you desire I can only suggest the following work-around.

As Summatra will only send a rasterised screen image to the printer, it is best to emulate that manually by

1a) switch to presentation mode zoom-in and press (alt) print screen
1b) right click and Select ALL then right click and Copy All

2) Open MSPaint and paste the captured screen, crop or edit to what you want, you can change page setup et-cetera then print it any way you wish.
Kieran on December 12, 2016
it's there
hold the ctrl key while selecting the region
then do file->print check the selection box
ia on December 14, 2016
"CTRL + select region"

I love this answer!!!!
Thank You very much!
mgr on December 14, 2016

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