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Can't make Sumatra 3.1.2 Windows default

I just updated Sumatra to 3.1.2 on all three of my computers (64-bit version), and Windows has switched the default app for pdfs from Sumatra to Edge, and there's nothing I can do to switch it back.
Medieval Guy on December 14, 2016
Guess it's back to Adobe. Too bad, I liked Sumatra...
Medieval Guy on December 18, 2016
Hi Medieval Guy

Not a perfect answer but others have also encountered the same issue with other apps and reset windows 10 as per
Kieran on December 19, 2016
None of those methods work any more. If I try to change the default to Sumatra, it reverts to Edge. If I change it to Adobe, it sticks.

I've been using Sumatra since before Windows 10, and when W10 came out it was a challenge to get Sumatra as the default...but I was able to do it, and have happily continued using it ever since. But the when I updated to the latest version, I seem to have lost the ability to set Sumatra as my default...and it's on three different computers, so it doesn't seem to be a machine-related issue.

Is there any way to roll back Sumatra to an earlier version?
Medieval Guy on December 19, 2016
You can get the previous version in blow link.

Or you can try "Open with" when you right click the pdf file, and make Sumatra as the default.

By the way, why you disable the Edge totally and use the Firefox for the browser. It's better than Edge.
Bambooin on December 21, 2016
I don't use edge. But from what I've heard, it can't be completely removed without risking destablizing Windows...

"Or you can try "Open with" when you right click the pdf file, and make Sumatra as the default."

Doesn't work. All it does is change the default from Adobe to Edge. None of the methods for setting Sumatra as default works any more. It's very frustrating.
Medieval Guy on December 22, 2016
3.1.1 works...the setting in the installation routine doesn't work and Sumatra doesn't appear in Windows' list of programs that you can set all defaults for, but if you go by file extension you can set Sumatra again, and it will take.

So I guess I'll skip 3.1.2, and save the file for 3.1.1 in case the issue persists in future updates. Thanks!
Medieval Guy on December 22, 2016

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