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Bounty for subpixel rendering

Sumatra is such a great viewer, I use it daily for many hours. However, on my LCD (FullHD), the font rendering of Adobe Reader is much clearer. Clearly, this is due to subpixel rendering in Adobe versus Grayscale in Sumatra (muPDF).

There are inofficial patches floating around the web for muPDF on Linux but I must use Windows due to Photoshop.

I am willing to pay money for a version of SumatraPDF which includes subpixel rendering of comparable quality to Adobe reader. Can somebody point me to the right circle where to offer the bounty? Is this Sumatra oder rather muPDF? Also I would appreciate an order-of-magnitude estimate for the required effort and adequate size of the bounty.

If there are any doubts of the requirement itself (rendering quality), I can provide examples.

Michael on January 6, 2017
Great idea. I would back up this project financially.
DrChandra on February 27, 2017

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